Are You Hiding Your Smile?

A natural smile is a beautiful thing. Your smile can confer so many benefits including being a mood-booster, making you more healthy, and strengthening social ties. If you’re hesitant to smile due to the appearance of your teeth, you could be missing out.

Luckily, whitening treatments are easily and quickly done. In many cases, you walk out of our office with noticeably whiter teeth in just one appointment.

woman with shoulder length blonde hair smiling while standing in front of trees

The Causes of Yellow Teeth

Many people believe that yellow and stained teeth are solely the result of poor oral hygiene. This isn’t true. There are many reasons that teeth can become yellow, including:

  • A naturally thick layer of dentin
  • Color changing with age
  • Consuming dark-colored foods and drinks
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • An accident concerning the teeth

The Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening doesn’t take very long to complete in our office. When you arrive, your dentist will perform an assessment of your oral health to ensure teeth whitening is the right procedure for you. Once this has been confirmed, the whitening can begin.

The first step of the procedure is to protect your gums and soft tissue before applying the whitening gel. The gel can cause sensitivity when it gets on the gums, so we try to minimize the effects of it.

After the gel has been applied, your dentist will use a special light to activate the whitening agent. The light will be used on your teeth to hasten the effects of the gel. After this is done, your dentist will clean the whitening gel out of your mouth and you’ll be good to go.

We Can Brighten Your Smile

You won’t need to hide your smile anymore after you’ve had a whitening procedure. We can help to restore your confidence so you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your teeth.

If you’re interested in having your teeth whitened, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (210) 336-8478 or by filling out the convenient online contact form located on this page. We’ll be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are whitening treatments bad for your teeth?

No, it’s not bad to get your teeth whitened and our in-office whitening treatments are completely safe, fast, and effective. There is a risk of irritation, pain, or damage if not done correctly. Dr. Berchelmann has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a noticeably whiter, brighter smile in as little as one appointment!

Can you go from yellow to white teeth?

There are a number of factors that can stain your teeth and turn them yellow over time, including aging and genetics. Fortunately, it’s possible to whiten your teeth several shades brighter with in-office whitening treatment. To maintain your ideal shade, we suggest scheduling teeth whitening treatments every few weeks and avoid rich-colored foods and beverages.

What can I do to maintain a whiter smile?

After whitening treatment, it’s important to take care of your smile to prevent additional staining and possibly damaging your teeth. Use a soft-bristled brush with lukewarm water when cleaning your teeth, and avoid hot/cold foods for at least a day. We recommend increasing time between treatments, lowering time spent whitening, and reducing the level of concentration used.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Our in-office whitening solution is safe, effective, and shows results immediately after a single treatment. With proper care and scheduling regular whitening treatments, the effects of a brighter smile can last up to three years. This means coming in every few weeks, maintaining good oral hygiene, and avoiding certain foods and beverages.